Strada Bar

The Strada Bar is one of three artisan areas within Liberty Market. The other two are the wood-fired pizza oven and the Vulcan cooking suite. At the Strada Bar, we have tried to capture the spirit of a well-run espresso bar in Italy. The design of the bar emphasizes the craft and history of espresso. The machine itself is very “hands-on” and allows the barista plenty of flexibility and creativity. It is positioned on the back bar to allow patrons to watch the barista: we want our guests to see the care that goes into each drink. The rest of the bar shows equal care, from the zinc bar top to the dark wood and granite back bar.

We focus on drinks made and served in the traditional Italian way. We adhere to time tested sizes and milk ratios: there is only one size of cappuccino; the standard 5 oz . Italian version. Furthermore, we serve in the correct ceramic or glass drinkware that will maximize the visual and tactile enjoyment of each drink. We have added a small line of international drinks, such as Ca Phe from Vietnam and our signature drink, the tiny but potent Cortadito from Cuba. We make all syrups in-house, including our chocolate and caramel, as well as our chai and iced coffee. All of these details are time consuming, but result in full flavored, deeply satisfying drinks.